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Most clients approach us with a pretty clear idea, of how their event should look like. 

1920s party is not just one concept. There are many different sides to it.

A classy Gala Dinner and Party á la Jay Gatsby - the American way.

Or typical Berlin style - Kabarett and 

Or you like it French? You think of the Moulin Rouge and Edith Piaf. You like Art Nouveau more than Art Deco?

Or you would like to meet the demi-monde, play poker with gangsters and harlots?

However - we are happy to help you find the perfect concept for you and your guests, for your brand or marketing purpose.


We walk with you through the production process and direct you in all matters of the artistic layout of your event.



Furniture & Props

Table Decorations

Floral Decorations

Drapings & Curtains


Atmospheric Concepts


Room Fragrance 

Listening, taking care, getting things done, double checking, excecuting and finally looking back with satisfaction.

In many years of putting on events we know all the bits and pieces and how they fit together. We know where to find them and how to combine them in the most effective and goal-oriented way. And above all, we do this with a strong tendency to the finest details and maximal beauty.

Dealing with paragraphs and regulations is part of the job.

Art Direction
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